About Us

About Us

Through sports, we help the young generations to reach their full potential, grow their engagement and commitment and create habits that will help them develop not only as athletes or students but also as individuals.

While we coached young athletes, we realized that by applying simple but solid changes in the coaches’ approach and club structure, the impact on young athletes is much stronger and positive.

This benefits, not only the athletes, but also the club itself, parents and volunteers. Youngsters change their attitude, they become more responsible and committed to the club and they make tighter bonds with their teammates and coaches. This attitude transformation also affects their non-sport life: school, family, friends…

The club becomes the place they go with joy and the engagement of the members (parents, players, coaches, volunteers) grows tremendously.Isn’t that the best way for young people and clubs to grow together?

Furthermore, since we are working on teaching young athletes how to overcome challenges and handle their emotions, parents benefit and learn from it, their kids become stronger and more confident young individuals, and in the long run, the community also benefits from this.

We want to raise the bar

Creating positive environment , nurturing the feeling of belonging to the club, challenging player's comfort zone, develop the growth mindset, and feeling confident about exploring the learning zone are the tools we use to implement changes in the existing sports clubs culture and structure.

Playing sports is not only about developing the skills and techniques with the goal to win. It is much more and it will influence all aspects of your life. You will find all about it with us.