We provide a solid and consistent communication plan to deploy our approach, defining the challenges, agreeing on strategies and sharing all important information. The main element of our projects is CHANGE, in mentality, in structure, in culture, in how we work, in how we interact, etc… we change the situation and the circumstances. Well, communicating is how we manage to apply the changes and make them sustainable.

We support coaches, as a crucial step of our approach. First, we share our approach in a coaches clinic, where we explain the process and provide with the guidelines. These guidelines also contain communication tips towards players and parents, how to express your message, what to say and what not to say, how to communicate to focus on growth, etc. 

We monitor, after the clinic, the coaches’ practices once a month during the time of the project and we help them with the challenges they have, hear their experience, comments and insights, discuss the strategies and re-explain the process, if needed. Lots of dialogue and communication on how the process and approach is being applied

We guide the coaches through communication, we can’t do the work for them and every coach needs to find his way of applying our approach to the situations that he faces during practices and on the field. That is why we constantly repeat that communication is the most important part of our process. 

We insure athletes development, for example, when you push a team out of their comfort zone by entering a higher level league, the players will experience fear and they will react to this unpleasant emotion. But that is right what we need them to feel so they can learn new skills and develop. The key is in controlling the communication, if they manage to understand why they are being pushed and why they feel fear, they will be able to turn that into a growth factor. Athletes react differently when they find themselves out of their comfort zone. Good communication and trust on the coach is what will get them through the process and make them learn from their experience.

We understand this might sound like a hard thing to do, but the learning is huge, it is fun and athlete’s reactions are surprising, sweet, and rewarding. They learn to appreciate the chance to challenge themselves and come out of their comfort zone! And when they do this, our main goal is achieved!

We appreciate that coaches teach well. They tell wonderful, motivating, and inspirational stories to the kids, but this may turn out to be just a nice story! It’s much more powerful to have the players experience a specific challenging situation with all the support to overcome it by themselves. That is what will make a difference in them. Putting the kids in a situation where they need to remember what you told them, think fast and apply their skills so they would feel better, solve the problem and come back to the steady ground, they will remember that moment and use it the next time they are challenged!