We base our whole concept on the solid foundation of a consistent organisational culture. The club must have a clear purpuse aligned with their believes, a mission to achieve it, a challenging vision to reach and, all this, supported by solid principles and values that guide their work.

We guide the organisation into adopting the growth-centric culture as one of the core principles of our activities. Whatever organizational changes we implement, they are based on the process of developing the players and teaching them how to approach the challenges.

We prove athletes that their personal development is more important and valuable than using shortcuts to win. They will, naturally, reflect this principle to their non-sports life, focusing on taking any opportunity to grow and develop themselves.

We work on developing the growth mindset and in this process, we pay extra attention to the personality of players and the way they handle their emotions. Our goal is to make it part of their thinking and decision-making process because they can use it in every aspect of their lives and that would not only benefit them but the whole community.

We teach the members how to develop a growth mindset by pushing them out of their comfort zone. For example, entering a team in a higher league than their level and asking players to give us 100% on the field, regardless the result. This creates a pressure for them, but it’s a positive stress that they have to face, fight, and overcome. And when they come out it, they’ve learned how to face challenges!

We create habits out of these behaviors in sports and life situations so, in time, the athletes adopt a new approach to challenges that turns into new a way of living.