For Parents

Dear Parents,

We all know that for parents it is a challenging task to expand children’s comfort zone and help them understand the importance of failure as a significant part of their learning process.

We live in a busy world, where comfort is a high priority. The same applies to our parenting methods. We tend to over help our children and keep them away from any inconvenience so that they are happy and safe in their comfort zone. We feel bad when we need to challenge them and let them struggle with whatever they are doing at the moment. And this is something life will certainly do to them: make them leave their comfort zone.

The exceptional thing about parenting (other than raising human beings), is that it is one of the rarest situations in life where we must focus on the result. While in cases like aiming towards a dream job, becoming successful, buying a perfect home and so on, we should pay attention to the small steps towards our goal, parenting is the opposite.

In other words, the decisions we make as parents should be established on what kind of person we want to raise and prepare for life. Unfortunately, in many situations, the opposite happens. The current emotional state of our children is influencing our decisions. We don`t say that it is bad parenting, but it sure is not helping the kids to reach their full potential. Higher Up is here to help.

On this graph you can see the way we teach children and their parents to approach challenges differently, welcoming mistakes as a natural part of the learning process.

Sports can give a lot to the kids, a healthier lifestyle, more muscular body, the feeling of belonging to a community, or a team. However, the purpose of sports is much more important.

If we use it properly as a tool, it can give your children skills for life. It can develop individuals that are not scared of mistakes but instead look forward to challenges! Individuals that will, no matter which profession they choose, always strive to be the best in their field—reliable people who will always give the best of themselves to the cause and other people.

We believe that everyone needs a development-centric sports organization as part of everyday family life, for several reasons:

Parenting would become more comfortable, because the coaches´ support would become a part of it.

Children would become more confident and happy about new challenges.

The entire family would get a place where each member feels accepted for who they are. A great feeling of belonging would develop!

Therefore, Higher Up is created for more significant goals than simply teach children how to play basketball. It exists to help the most challenging job in the world called – the job called parenting.