Our Approach

Our Mission

We impact the youngsters mindset and approach to life by creating a culture of growth and sports mentality.

We help sports and academic organizations to become the transformation driver of their young members' mindset.

We do this by providing the right capabilities, creating a better structure and defining an optimal way of working. We support in developing and implementing a new strategy to manage, engage, attract and impact new members. We will create a centric culture, based on development, that will help youngsters reach their full potential.

Our Approach

We spent two years developing the methodology we use. It consists of a set of procedures, organisational arrangements and guidelines to deploy the mindset changes. All this is intended for the coaches and the club management to use in the change journey, influencing the whole organisation.

Our first step is, together with the club, to define the right organisational culture. A consolidated sports club (organisation) needs to have a solid culture and strategy to support their mission and to help them realise their vision.

Every club has a different purpose and, therefore, different goals to achieve. That’s why our program starts with the culture definition, which will be different in each club, and from there, we can adapt our approach to them.

We provide them with our tools, focused on the growth mindset, to teach individuals, teams, organisations and communities how to best overcome challenges in sports and in life in general.

After the changes are implemented, Higher Up supports the clubs coaches following up, re-setting goals and with new initiatives, should this be required. From all our projects we learn and based on the experiences we update our approach to mindset change. With this, we offer continuous advice to all our current and former customers.

Most of our projects have been actively supported by the municipalities, both financially and in resources, as they see these initiatives as a strong driver to positive influence in the community .

We impact 4 key areas: Structure, Culture, Sense of belonging and Communication

How do we do it


Adapt the clubs structure to best fit the growth mindset approach and improve the club management.

Sense of belonging

Help the organisation engage their members motivating them to work together on developing and reaching its goals.


Create a growth culture, primarily focused on development, where members are devoted to the vision of the organisation.


Support the organisation to develop a good communication strategy, creating a strong sense of belonging that attracts new members.