Our Product

Our Products

Following our purpose of transforming the youngsters' mindset, we offer various products that vary from full transformation to individual lectures, events and advisory to the clubs/schools.

Our goal is to leave a strong footprint in the organisation, so the youngsters' impact affects their future life sustainably in all aspects, academic, professional, family, etc...

1. Full mindset transformation program


We work on a committed program of one year/season. In this time we help the organisation re-shape their structure, culture, member involvement and communication to adopt the Higher Up approach to mindset revolution.

During this time, we meet the different bodies of the organisation (management, coaches/teachers, parents) first to understand the challenges and to align the cultural approach; and then to train them in the growth culture and follow up in the progress.

A set of guidelines, principles and mode of operations is shared with the organisation to ensure the behaviour of all parties will empower the growth culture in all layers of the club/school.This material is focused on mindset topics, the initial intention, in the case of sports organisations, is not to support technical or tactical matters.

After the initial training/educating sessions, we follow up with all participants to update the action plan, to follow up on the agreed targets and to evaluate the mindset transformation of the kids.

During the season/school year, we are of course available for extra support, if this would be needed, and for consultation in other areas.

Project ends with closure meetings in which the whole impact is evaluated and next steps are agreed. With the project concluded, there may be new needs for the organisations in terms of mindset consulting which we are of course always open to discuss.

Feel free to CONTACT for a detailed program plan and/or a quotation for your organisation.


  • Review current organisational culture
  • Review organisational culture’s deployment status (interviews, surveys)
  • Ensure alignment (or adapt) with Higher Up transformation (development, mindset, challenging, etc...)
  • Ensure Culture is consistently deployed or run an implementation project to do it.


  • Get introduced and understand the current organisational structure
  • Analyse and implement potential needs in the   organisational structure.
  • Create a support structure ensuring the commitment of more members, being responsible for smaller tasks.



  • Essentials for coaches/teachers success 
  • Developing the culture: Sense of belonging
  • Transforming players/students and coaches/teachers mindset
  • Feedback and communication
  • Developing youngsters emotional intelligence
  • Time Management: 168 hour approach
  • Individual goals and action plans: Each participant will have a set of goals and an action plan to achieve them.


Once a month, review the goals and actions with each coach/teacher and evaluate their development.


  • Parents engagement
  • Volunteer management
  • Communication strategy


The club/school needs to understand that this is a shared project so we need the support and availability of the board and key roles in the organisation.

  • A board member as contact person / link between HU and the board for strategic issues.
  • A sports responsible as contact person /  link between coaches and HU (preferably a sports director) for operational and sports issues. In case of school a teachers leader.
  • Follow up meetings with the board (or board contact person) every 2 weeks during development period
  • During board meetings, we will have a short slot for project follow up during implementation period
  • Follow up meetings with Communications responsible and other key stakeholders when the project requires it.

The project plan will include deliverables and milestones to be met both by Higher Up and by the organisation and those have to be a contract commitment.

2. Clinics/Masterclasses

Higher Up is focusing on developing coaches and teachers (mentors) as leaders. For the kids to reach their full potential, the coaches/teachers need to be able to bring out the best from each individual.


  • Essentials for coaches/teachers success and why they are so important for society

To increase the learning motivation, first they need to understand the challenges in society which they can potentially solve.

  • Developing culture

A key element when building a solid group is to create a strong culture that all members can relate to. During this masterclass the participants will learn how to define standards, routines, roles and most importantly principles of work for their groups and youngsters.

  • Transforming players and coaches/teachers mindset

For the coaches/teachers to focus on the youngsters development, first they need to understand the learning process. During this lecture, they will have a closer look at topics such as the importance of mistakes, why effort is more important than result and how to make the players/students like challenges/stepping out of their comfort zone.

  • Communication skills / Feedback

Feedback, if used the right way, is the most powerful teaching tool. However, it can create damages if misused. During this lecture the participants will learn everything about feedback and how to provide them in a healthy way.

  • Developing players emotional intelligence

Emotions are an unavoidable part of life. We can teach kids how to use them as a good energy resource by creating a link between the feelings and rational thinking. How to create that link is the topic of this lecture.

3. Advisory board

Higher Up and partners will advice the board of the sports or academic organisations on different topics:

  • Organisational culture development
  • Organisational structure development
  • Members engagement
  • Attracting new members
  • Wellbeing and nutrition
  • Sense of belonging
  • Communication development
  • Sport concept development

4. Events

Camps for sports or schools:

Option 1 (non-sport activities):

  • Coaches/teachers development during camp in a form of lectures
  • Giving coaches feedback on their leadership after their practices

Option 2:

  • HU certified coaches attending and coaching on the camp
  • Coaches development lectures


Speeches for coaches, teachers, management, youngsters on the following topics:

  • Sports and sports clubs as a parenting aliye
  • Importance of designing the right culture
  • The art of failing
  • Emotional management