Sense of belonging

Sense of belonging

We increase, with all what has been said so far, the involvement of members the club activities and responsibilities. With more members involved, the workload for each of them is reduced and it’s done with more passion and interest. 

We promote cultivating a community that functions as a whole, not as a group of estranged individuals or as small groups in the organisation. This has proven to give excellent results. In the previous projects we worked on, the members established a strong relationship among them. They developed respect and trust for the coach and the organization, not limited to basketball, feeling comfortable asking him for advice or support on any issues. We believe that this is the one of the great value we gave to those athletes!

We manage to increase the commitment of parents when they realized that our approach helps their kids acquire skills to overcome challenges outside the court. The positive energy of a growth oriented team draws members to the club.

We focus on the process and the development, rather than the short term results of the sport event. With this, athletes look at their achievements differently and their sports life is extended, as they don’t feel not being good enough or highly ranked. They understand what their goals are and focus on reaching them. The traditional drop of athletes reaching high school, is flattened and the member base grows having less leavers.

We help develop a community that functions outside the club also. For members, the club is a community, not just a place where they go to play basketball and we work on creating that atmosphere. The feeling of belonging is one of the most pleasant feelings there is! Don’t you agree?