We analyze the current club structure and challenges, to define how and where the mindset change can be most needed. This a key step of our strategy in which

We restructure the organization in a few steps to fit the growth mindset methodology.

We work with the club in creating the new organisational structure and support them in the process of implementing the changes that will lead to achieving the new goals.

We introduce management and coaches to the concept and methodology of the growth mindset and the benefits of establishing a growth-centric environment.

We restructure the organization and make sure that members work together to reach the goals defined. This creates a sense of belonging and it’s the best way to make young athletes motivated and encourage them to grow as players, individuals and the team becomes a community. This is what attracts new members!

We recognized happily in the teams we applied our strategy, that our interventions had huge impact in the team and the growth was remarkable. From the group of individuals, our members became a solid community and a deeply connected team. The interest in joining the club rose and we had more exciting members thinking of having a long sports life.

We apply similar strategies to all parts of the organization. Here are some of our strategies:

  • Groups of parents are engaged in activities of several teams, not just the one their child is in. And they start connections with other parents of similar age. They naturally start communicating and cooperating more and the community is made!
  • The new, growth-centric approach makes members and parents encouraged and the positive energy becomes a natural part of the club’s activities. And this leads to parents being more interested in volunteering, as proven in past projects.
  • By reorganising the structure, the pressure and workload on the management board and the existing volunteers is released.
  • Our target is to have everyone inspired and engaged: the kids, the parents, and the management. That way, the organisation is working smoothly and constantly evolving.